3 Ways To Feel More Connected And Grounded In Your Body

You know those moments where you feel so disconnected from your body? Those moments where you're just like what in the fresh hell is happening to me? You feel so...just, UGH.

It's more than okay to feel this way, ignoring these feelings would be a complete disrespect of your body. So how can you acknowledge the feels without creating a home a home for them and allowing them to stay for an extended period of time?

Check it, I have three ways you can connect to your body and feel more grounded in your body right now.

1. Childs Pose

One of my clients who is a yoga teacher, (@yogameredith) taught me that childs pose is an instant way to create a sense of grounding in the body. I kinda brushed this off when she told me but all be damned, she was right. 


  • Laying your head on the ground, especially your "third eye" automatically sends information to your central nervous system to calm down. Amen, don't have to tell me time. Sign me up!

I went through a break up this summer and had a moment of hysterical crying in my shower. I thought I thought I was going to actually collapse. Meredith had just told me about this putting pressure on your third eye business and I didn't have enough room in my shower to actually get into the pose, so I put my forehead against my wall, tears streaming down my face, and I felt a sense of calm rush over my body. You can literally do this anywhere to connect your body and feel more grounded.

If your hips feel like they are pinching here, point your knees out a little more.

If your hips feel like they are pinching here, point your knees out a little more.


2. Dance Party

I don't mess around you guys. Meredith Grey has had it down all of these years, she knows whats up. 

I firmly believe that when you move a muscle you have the power to change a mindset. Sometimes all your feelings want is to be acknowledged and to move through you.

You don't have to be good. You can literally just put on your favorite song and jam the eff out.

Better yet, I created a playlist just for you called : GET IN THE MOTHER LOVIN FLOW.

Yes, really. 

I created it in hopes the jams will help you groove your way back into the flow of feeling connected to your body. Don't knock this one until you try it. 

3. Workout

Listen, I'm not saying you need to go balls to the wall. But today, as I found myself in a funk. I did everything on this list. I got in childs pose, which helped, then I danced, and finally I was like you need to lift things up and put them back down. 

Don't get me wrong. Many times I've only chosen one of the above and I found myself turning out of the funk quickly. Dancing typically always does it for me and childs pose will 100% help in each moment. However, this day was different--I needed more.

So I workout out, and that form of movement was JUST what I needed. 

Here's a quickie workout that won't take more than 30min and will leave you feeling more grounded, and connected to your body--you'll walk away feeling empowered. Kick the funk goodbye, Arnold style.

Okay, before you freak out about the burpees. I love them and this is why: I think there is something powerful about purposefully throwing yourself to the ground and picking yourself back up. Kind of like life, ya know? Pick yourself up each time you fall down. 

A love note to burpees--yes, I am actually LOLing.

As always, modify this workout to your fitness level. You can modify burpees by elevating them on a box or bench. If you need to knock the time down to 15 min--DO IT.

Make this workout yours, babe.