3 Ways To Feel More At Ease In Your Body

It's not in another diet, or fancy meal plan that ease within your body comes. I know that you think if you could just lose those extra 10 lbs, that you'll *finally* be happy. But what I know after working with over 800 women to help them feel more normal in their body + around food is that you have to master your mindset first. What you're searching for in losing those 10lbs is a feeling. For example you think that confidence is tied to a size 4, or that sexiness comes with wearing a size small. 

Mastering your mindset is about 0% sexy or easy, but 100% worth it . How annoying right? 

Honestly though, mastering your mindset isn't as hard or taxing as becoming a salve to diets is.

Ready to get serious AF, and dive into the unsexiness that will help you feel more free in your body?

  1. For literally one second, make a choice about how you feel about bodies that is 100% yours and no one else's. Do you know what you find beautiful? Or do you just go along with what society says is 'good'. Comparison is the end of all joy, and the majority of comparison  comes from ideas on beauty standards that we are told to adopt as fact. I use to think that a thigh gap was the end all be all, until one day I started to train really heavy and consistently. My legs grew significantly, and in looking at them I was like damn I look strong AF. It was so weird because for the first time I was making my own choice about beauty. It allowed me to stand within my own skin with more freedom. Question your ideas about beauty standards. What do YOU find beautiful?
  2. Move your body. If you've followed me for any length of time you know that I'm a fan of moving your body because when you do you have the power to shift your mindset. You can dance it out Meredith Grey style, yoga, do a quick workout, walk, golf—whatever makes you feel grounded. Allow the power of movement to create a deeper sense of connection with your mind and body. I triple dog dare you to move your body for 20 min a day 4x this week, and I promise that if you do—you'll feel 100% better in your body. I'm not saying you'll fall head over heels in love with your body, but you will certainly feel more at ease. 
  3. DIVERSEIFY YOUR SOCIAL MEDIA. Babe, body diversity is a thing. Until you allow yourself to befriend, follow, read, and interact with women who's bodies look different than yours and 'beauty standards', you're always going to think your body looks weird. Allow yourself to bring some realness into your life. This can be such a small, yet impactful change you can make in your everyday life to feel more at ease in your body!

What do you like to do to feel more at ease in your body? Do you have steps you take to feel even just .5% better?