3 Ways To Feel Food Freedom During Thanksgiving (+ FREE workout!)

Babe, we are here. Thanksgiving is happening, or about to happen.

I know you want to love your body. I know you want to feel confident in your body and clothes. I know you don't want to stress about this day.

I know the idea of eating anything today may register in your mind as "bad", like you'll automatically gain weight--do you mind if I help you rewire your mindset real quick so you can hopefully enjoy this day a little more?

1.) Don't Skip Meals

I know that you may think that skipping breakfast will "give you more room" to eat food...but typically this method of avoiding food all day, leads to massive binges when it becomes dinner time. My suggestion?

Eat a good breakfast: load up on protein + fat and veggies! Here's what I'm having. 1 english muffin with grassfed butter + 2 eggs with green beans scrambled in. this nutrient dense meal will keep me full thanks to the fat in the eggs + butter and will allow me to focus on family, and not on my cravings all day.

2.) Don't Go Die Hard

Most people use this day as a full on "cheat" or they flip the other way and try to eat "as clean as possible". Here's why this isn't ideal. There will ALWAYS be Holidays where mass amounts of food will be in front of you. This extremist mentality never produces anything good. If you eat "super clean" you feel bummed that you let a diet control your family event. If you go balls to the wall and eat 5 plates of food, you then feel guilty. So whats a food loving babe suppose to do?

Eat the foods you actually like. How many times have you found yourself slamming chips and dip just because it's in front of you? I mean, ya..it's good. But if you're going to eat homemade, good food...eat some damn good food.

The key? Since we aren't using this as a "super clean" day, or a "cheat day"--create balance on that plate of yours. Fill it up with some nutrient dense stuff like a veggie (or a few) and maybe a protein, then add on the pie and green bean casserole etc. This is't about good or bad, this is about eating what you truly want without an extremist mindset.

3.) Show Yourself Compassion

Maybe this phrase is new to you, so let me break it down. If you really want pie, like really want it--eat it. Sometimes we create emotions that we think we should feel, even if it's really something we want. Like you may tell yourself that you should feel guilty for wanting pie because you're trying to lose 20lbs. But babe, this is life. This goes back to that "all or nothing" mindset. For me, I LOVE sweet potato casserole. I'm going to eat it without shame because it's genuinely what I want. 

It's choosing in these moments what we really want, and if that answer goes against what society says is "good" we need to be kind to ourselves for making our own choices.

BONUS 4.) Thank Your Food

Where gratitude lives, fear, worry, anxiety and can not. Before you dive into your meal, say a simple thank you to it. Yes, actually to your food. This can be quiet, in your mind. 

Thank the farmers that grew it, the company that shipped it, the store that provided it. Literally honoring the food that you're about to eat. No matter if it's a cookie or kale.

My hope is that you can navigate this day through empowered decisions, compassion and love. 

I'm sharing a quickie workout with you. But I want you to know that this workout isn't to "negate" any food you eat. Moving is simply a way we can feel grounded, strong and powerful..which leads into empowered decision making through the day.

Set a timer for 15 min and complete as many rounds as possible:

  • 8 lateral lunges R/L
  • Crawl x20ft
  • Goblet squat x12
  • Burpees x8