3 Things You Need To Stop Asking Permission For

You're a grown ass woman, who is trying to adult in a way that feels authentic to you. You're just trying to fold the fitted bed sheet like your mom does, get to work on time and figure out if you should be eating the egg whites or the whole egg for ultimate gains (correct answer: the whole damn thing!).

But...there are parts of you that are still asking for permission when you most certainly don't need it. You know, like when you want to talk about that thing, but then you think "ah, eh, I don't know if I should, what if I get it wrong, maybe I just won't so I don't sound like I don't belong here." Yeah, those moments. 

You can feel liberated and powerful in your body. You can feel secure in your thoughts, ideas and creative pursuits. You can stand tall in your own presence. You can begin to do this by letting go of the need to ask permission for these things....


3 Things You Need To Stop Asking Permission For:


  1. Permission To Show Up. 

    • Babe. You are smart. You can show up in a space as you are. You don't need to prove yourself to anyone. Though I know it feels like you do. You can shop up in a space, and take up that space with your words, ideas, thoughts and physical being. 
  2. Permission to Speak Your Truth.

    • Your story matters and is important. The more you speak it, the more you regain your power back from whoever allowed you to believe you couldn't in the first place. 
  3. Permission To Wear What You Want

    • YOU get to decide what you find attractive, fitting and beautiful. YOU get to decide what you feel best in. What makes you feel happy, confident and sexy in your body. Your partner, best friend, parents or whoever, I know their voices are important to you. But they aren't the one living in your skin. Their words on not the Bible you wake up and live your life based upon. 


Now is your time to begin to show up in your life as your full self, because this isn't your practice life. This is your one and only.