3 Reasons Why You Can't Stop Binging On Your Diet

You get your new meal plan, and you're so excited! You feel like "YES! This is the time it will work!".

You see a bunch of green things and a lot of protein, you think this will for sure be an adjustment. But, you feel up to the challenge.

As you scan the program you see "NO cheat meals!". Okay you think, 'only if it means I'll be skinner'. 

Day one is here and you kinda freak out seeing you need to eat six small meals a day. This sounds like a lot to you, but shockingly as you do it, you're still ravenous throughout the day. WTF, you think?

You make it about 5 1/2 days before you are so hungry you straight up are about to gage your best friends eyeballs out as she eats her donut. 

Why does this happen?

  1. You're taking out major important and necessary food groups. 

    • When you take out carbs or fat, and completely restrict yourself—there's only so long your body can go before it freaks out. You NEED those things to not only survive, but to thrive and reach your goals. Here's what happens when you don't: Instead of feeling like you can have one piece of cake at a friends wedding, or pizza with your BFF on a Tuesday night, because you're so restricted and don't know how to act around it, you go balls deep and can't stop yourself. Instead? Make sure you don't take those essential nutrients out (carbs and fat!).
  2. You don't have fat in your meals!

    • Fat helps your body not only absorb the nutrients from your meals better, but it also digests slower in body. Which means it will keep you full for a longer period of time! What happens a lot is when you're only eating protein and veggies in your meals, you'll find yourself HANGRY within 20-45 min. When that hanger sets in, it becomes a lot easier to throw everything out the window and binge on everything you can get your hands on. Try cooking in grassfed butter, olive oil or donut oil. Add avocado, nuts or cheeses to your meals, and also opt for meat that ins't super lean all the time. Like steak and ground beef. Theres nothing wrong with chicken or fish, but you'll find yourself a lot more satisfied with fat in your meals!
  3. You aren't being flexible enough! 

    • Cheat meals 1x a week, continue to engrain the "good food" and "bad food" mindset. But when you can begin to incorporate small things into your meals each day, things you love, you'll find yourself freaking out around food LESS because you aren't so restricted. Think about it like this: If some toast every morning with your breakfast, so like 150 calories, will make you feel more 'normal' around food, making you not binge on 10,000 calories on the weekend: that's a huge win!
    • With this being said, becoming more flexible is a hard task to reach. Going from the all or nothing of extremes to more flexibility can sometimes feel overwhelming. My suggestion? Don't buy a whole bag of cookies as you start this. Instead, buy one cookie to have with your lunch on a Tuesday, or whenever. Buy single servings of the foods you love so you don't have the opportunity to binge on them.


You're eating food you don't like.

Listen, there is only so long you can eat asparagus and broccoli out of tupperwear. I mean, unless you actually love it your meals are going to feel like punishment, and of course cookies and pizza are going to sound WAY more appealing. You can actually eat foods you love, while still reaching your goals. No seriously, I swear. 

Breaking up with dieting and ditching those extreme mindsets for good isn't an overnight thing, it takes time and really showing up to each meal with vulnerability and courage. Because not dieting means learning to trust yourself, which is scary in the beginning. 

Don't let this discourage you, you can do it. 

Remind yourself as you're breaking up with dieting that those diets? Yeah, they've never served you. That feeling you get every Sunday night like you have to start a juice cleanse, or eat super clean the following week—that can come to an end and you can begin to really just feel normal around food. I promise.

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