20 Acts Of Self Care That Cost Nothing At All

Are you craving some ease, confidence and love within your body? 

Yes? Of course. But, you also don't want to spend a ton of money on self help books, masks and trips to the spa?

I got you girl, don't worry. 

20 acts of self care that cost literally nothing at all:



  1. Stop saying yes to things you don’t want to do out of fear you’ll be left out.

  2. Cry it out. A personal fave. No shame in those waterworks, babe—let it out. Cry me a river.

  3. Make your bed. I always use to see these on self care lists and I was like WTF, how is that self care? It’s a 30 second task that can make you feel accomplished. And I’m a fan of wins no matter how big or small they are.

  4. 3,2,1 it. If you’re feeling stuck in a funk and want to feel better but don’t know where to start, count down from 3,2,1 then get the fuck up. Don’t allow yourself to count anymore, or sit any longer. Get up and move somewhere or do something. Sometimes the hardest part of self care is getting up—count it down, and get up.

  5. Put on underwear that actually fits you. Stop wearing underwear from 10lbs ago. Wearing underwear that fits properly can completely change the way you feel about your body.

  6. Tell your boss you need to pee, or just get up and go to the bathroom. Cover your ears once you get in there, and shut your eyes. Take 5 deep breaths. Belly breathing can calm your central nervous system and completely shift your mindset.

  7. Don’t binge watch when you’re sad. I mean, if you truly feel okay with watching 8 episodes—do it. I do sometimes. But many times when we binge 8 hours of a show, we end up feeling worse after. Watch one, then check in with yourself and ask how you feel. Do you feel better, worse or same? Evaluate from there.

  8. Journal it out. You don’t need a fancy journal or to sound like Carrie Bradshaw as you write. In fact, you don’t even have to write in full sentences. The more you hold onto your pain and white knuckle through it, the more you’re going to suffer. Brain dump your feels out, and then rip it up and shred it if you want. There is something powerful about taking pen to paper.

  9. Dance it out. Pull your best Meredith Grey, pick a song you like, like the doors if you need to. When you move a muscle you have the power to change your mindset. If dancing isn’t your thing, carry on, but I find 2-3 songs helps me feel more grounded and empowered in my body.

  10. Burn sage. Whether you believe in the power of sage or not, I like doing physical acts of self care, and lighting something on fire with the belief that it’s taking the negative energy out of my house does exactly that for me.

  11. Call a friend, and be okay with telling them what you need. If you don’t need advice, kindly tell them “hey, I don’t need advice, I just need to word dump.”

  12. Say how you actually feel. Well, I guess we are getting real deep into the feelings with this list. Say what you mean, and what you feel—don’t swallow what’s happening for you in fear you’re too much.

  13. Find your comforting voices. When I need love, I like to surround myself with those who make me feel loved and alive. I listen to old Glennon Doyle podcasts, Brene Brown and Elizabeth Gilbert too.

  14. Find your flow. A flow, a routine, call it what you want. Whether it’s a morning thing or a night thing, have some practices that are just yours, that you make a priority. My morning ‘routine’ consists of me making my coffee, and doing my makeup on the floor while I watch an episode of Grey’s Anatomy for the 12th time. It’s stuff I already do on a daily basis, but shifting my perspective on these things and making it a ‘me’ thing, allowed me to have a simple little extra form of showing up for myself.

  15. Honor your hunger. If you’re not hungry at 5am when you wake up and have to get ready for work, don’t eat at 5am. Eat when you ARE hungry.

  16. Say YES to something you actually want to do. Not because your boyfriend/girlfriend/cat wants to do it, but because YOU want to.

  17. Tell the truth.

  18. Don’t force yourself to workout when you’re on your period. Your body is exhausted. Rest. It’s okay to rest.

  19. While we’re talking about rest—rest in general. Not just when you’re on your period. Hustling doesn’t serve your energy, or life—slowing down can be sexy too.

  20. Ask yourself what the next most gentle step you could take to feel just 1% better in your body could be, and do that. You know more than anyone else what you need—sometimes all you have to do is ask.