14 Ways To Love Yourself Right Now

Happy Valentines Day, Sunshines!

Regardless of if you're sharing this day with a partner or not, this day can ROCK. Don't believe me? Well, check the list below to learn how.

14 Ways To Love Yourself Right Now

  1. Do something that fills you up. What do you actually want to be doing right now? For me, I love to go buy $5 coffee (I know, it's ridiculous), meditate, dance in my living room--do one thing that fills up your cup.
  2. Say NO. Ohh I know it doesn't sound sexy but setting boundaries is powerful. Do you keep saying yes to things you actually hate? Girl, stop. 
  3. Journal. Something about putting pen to paper and getting what is swirling in your brain out, ugh YESSSSSSSS. Here's a prompt to get you started: What would I feel like if I loved myself more? What would it take for me to feel fulfilled and love? What would it take for me to give the love I need for myself?
  4. Unfollow 10 women on Instagram right now.If you're anything like the old me, you're following a bunch of women you constantly compare yourself to. If you're IG feed doesn't make you feel good, do something to change it!
  5. Masterbate. Girl, you don't need a man to feel some lovin today. Get down with your bad self, literally. 
  6. Gratitude baby. No really. I know you hear this alllllll of the time but when you truly practice it, man, it changes your life. Where gratitude lives, fear, hate and anxiety can't. It brings us to this present moment in utter appreciation of what's in front of us. Start a gratitude jar, journal or post it on IG. Use #scrstopdropandbegrateful, check out how us Strong Chicks are living in gratitude!
  7. Find a mantra you adore and make it yours. My go to is "I am love" and "I am okay".
  8. Wear something you're afraid people will judge you for but you've been dying to wear it. See the cool thing here is, you're more likely to do this now because I'm challenging you to do it, which is great because it's forcing you to be comfortable with what YOU find is beautiful.
  9. Talk to strangers. Talking to strangers is literally my jam. It use to make me feel so uncomfortable and nervous and it still sometimes does, so each time I do it it makes me feel kind, powerful and so so happy.
  10. Try to add meditative practices into your routine. You can try with this one. I recorded it specifically for my clients to help them find joy.
  11. Spend time alone. Know that being alone, doesn't mean you are lonely.
  12. Read this: self love will emerge naturally once you have released everything you have been told and believed about yourself that is not true. 
  13. Say this: I can CHOOSE to hate myself OR I can CHOOSE to love myself. It becomes a lot more powerful when you realize the choice is yours.
  14. Listen to Shape Of You by Ed Sheeran + and get your freak on. dance wild, dance crazy, dance your offing heart out.
  15. BONUS: Because I just love ya, I created a whole playlist for your self love V-day dance party. Grab it HERE.


What will YOU do to love yourself today???


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