11 No BS Ways You Can Love Yourself Right Now

You don't need to be told how to love yourself one more time, you need to know how. But you're over bathbombs and mani-pedi's seem like such a hassle to go through. Sure you like your nails painted, but is it really doing anything for the way you feel inside? For some it may be. But for you, not so much.

So how can you love yourself right now?

Let's take a step back, and talk about what self love really means and looks like.

Self love isn't a destination, it's the practice of showing up for yourself—mind, body and soul. It’s honoring what your body needs, and without judgement—giving it freely to yourself.

Breaking it down even more.

Self love is is taking care of your body in a way that empowers and brings to life your best self. 

Or, at least that’s how I like to think of it. 

So when you're doing things to show up for yourself in order to feel more connected, empowered and alive in your body, if getting your nails done fits what you need, do it, but you may need simpler things. Things that connect to you on a different level. 

Here's how you can show up for yourself, to begin to cultivate a true sense of wholeness and self love. 

❏  Be real. Stop overcommitting to yourself and other people. Even if it means letting other people down. 

❏  Fold your laundry, or don’t and then don’t complain about it.

❏  Listen to a podcast on the way to work instead of boring commercials. Arrive to work feeling inspired and centered.

❏  Wear clothes that you feel happy, confident and good in.

❏  Make time to do whatever it is that you love, just be there, don't think about it as wasting time. 

❏  Imagine what your life would be like if you stopped focusing on hating your body, and you instead switched the story into one of love. Thinking about a new reality, begins to open up the doors that you don't have to be stuck in self hate. 

❏  Create a morning routine that makes sense for your life. No, you don’t have to stretch and light candles. It could be as simple as always waking up and heading straight to coffee and listening to a podcast as you get ready. Something you can count on, something that won’t take forever.

❏  Stop ignoring text messages. It’ll feel so good to not have to worry to respond and checks off the showing up for yourself box + the #adulting box all in one.

❏  Have a Meredith Grey style dance party. When you move your body, you can change a mindset. 

❏  Have that awkward conversation. You’ve been waiting too long. Just do it. You’ll feel better, I promise.

❏  Masterbate. Not kidding. Take time to experience pleasure, for you, just you, and no one else. 


Self-love is so over complicated in mainstream media. Know that you aren't 'doing it wrong' if you still are stuck in a cycle of self hate, maybe you just needed to realize that showing up for yourself can take on so many different forms, and you simply need a little trial and error to find what works best for you.