Hi! I am Amanda Strong.


I am a wife, mother of dragons (I have 3 children) and graphic designer. I live with my little family in a suburb of Cincinnati.

I am also a Taurus, Type A personality and anxious human lady. Writing this bio? IMPOSSIBLE.
For how can I reduce myself into perfect paragraphs that fully encompass the awesomeness that is me?  I am also learning daily how to extend myself a little grace.

Most days of the week you will find me momming it up, trying to make it through week day errands before my 3 year old has a complete meltdown (WHY ARE NOT ALL TARGET TRIPS TRIPS WHERE IN YOU BUY ME ALL OF THE TOYS and Goldfish crakcers?!) and throwing around heavy metal at the gym whilst blasting early 2000’s hip hop and rap in my headphones. For who else can pump you up like Lil Kim, Biggie and Ludacris? No one. That’s who.

I am the friend my friends call when they have “weird” or TMI questions, I can solve all of your ailments and problems with exhaustive Google searches and have an unhealthy obsession with online shopping (no pants and it comes right to the door? SIGN ME UP.) If I am not in my jammies (thanks work from home!) I am wearing gym clothes. Should I happen to change out of my pajamas or gym clothes my children ask, “WHY ARE YOU SO FANCY?”

I love my family, an Ohio fall, a fresh gel manicure, long strolls through the Target and cheese covered carbs.

Ideal Breakfast: If there is a breakfast sandwich on the menu, that is what I will be ordering. ESPECIALLY if it includes Goetta. And crispy potatoes, black coffee. If I’m feeling festive, throw in a mimosa too. 

And, because I alway go for a savory breakfast, when you order pancakes or that waffle, I’m going to need a bite. 

Favorite 90’s movie:

JUST ONE?! C’mon. 


Empire Records

The Craft


Romeo + Juliet

Spice World

If you could be any TV Character who would you be and why? Oh geez. This one isn’t going to come out how I mean. 

Nancy Botwin, Weeds. Nancy gets.shit.done. Despite all of the less that desirable situations she finds herself in, she’s just trying to do the best that she can, keep her family together, care for her kids - it’s never perfect and it’s never right but she’s just trying to survive. Her boldness gives her her strength. With her defiance, the ends always justify the means - the end being security for her and her loved ones as well as … not being dead. ;) She was a beginner, she had to learn on top of relentless drama (often brought on by her own poor choices and lack of foresight). But she always tries so damn hard. It’s that persistence that I 100% respect.

What makes you feel joy? My husband, first cup of morning coffee, weight training, watching my kids learn/accomplish something new, online shopping, a really delicious meal that I can eat slowly, probably without kids, in a really fancy establishment, afternoons at the swim club, Thanksgiving dinner. All of these, not necessarily in this order. 

Follow her on IG here: @scr_amanda_strong and @its_amanda_strong