Try Strong chicks Rock custom Coaching for just $1!

I know I know, a dollar can't even get you a pack of gum, but it can give you one full week of access into Strong Chicks Rock, to ya know, see if you actually like it and want join this bad ass tribe. 


So how does this work?

You'll sign up for just $1, after you do that you'll be immediately sent to fill out your assessment form so I can learn alllll about you & your goals—which allows me create your personalized plan.

You've got 7 days to poke around week 1 of your coaching program, ask me questions, get our weekly + daily check ins, and see what all the fuss is about.

After the 7 days, if you like it—perfect, you'll be added to the program on a payment plan of $97/month for six months. 

If you don't, no worries, just let me know before the 7 days is up and I'll get you out!

What do I get?

In week one you'll be able to learn how to create and set goals that you actually can stick with. You'll see how our team runs, get the fire burning in your soul and learn how to begin to eat for your body, exercise in a way you love + learn how to truly love your body, without the BS.

Specifically, you'll be getting your first week of workouts + your week one workbook + unlimited communication with me.

So what if you are totally obsessed and want to stay on? Great! After week one this is how the following weeks will look!

  • You'll gain access to your full customized fitness program (this updates monthly and is designed for YOU!) (with instructional workout videos for each exercise)
  • Weekly email check ins with your coach
  • Daily accountability check in emails
  • New weekly step by step mindset + nutrition action plan 
  • 1x weekly 20 min FaceTime or phone calls
  • Video Modules on self love + breaking up with binge eating 
  • 1 New Stronger You downloadable PDF Workbook each week
  • Self Love Journal
  • 1 weekly live webinar
  • Access to the SCR member site (exercise demos, meditations, yoga flows, exclusive member podcasts + articles)
  • Access to the SCR private Fb group
  • Unlimited communication with your coach

Hell yeah, let me test it out!

I want you to be 110% confident in your choice to join SCR!